How to Jailbreak iPod Touch/iPhone 3.1.2 + Pros & Cons

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For 3.1.3 users, go to this link:

Follow these steps to quickly and easily jailbreak your iPod Touch or iPhone running 3.1.2 firmware:

1. Plug your device into your computer. (Close iTunes if it opens).
2. Follow this link and download the blackra1n software:

3. Open blackra1n and click “make it rain”.
4. You will see a picture of some random dude.
5. Your device will…

22 thoughts on “How to Jailbreak iPod Touch/iPhone 3.1.2 + Pros & Cons

  1. for those who were getting an error on .dLL
    no need to download any .dLL files, just go to
    C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleApple Application Support
    (iTunes must be installed)
    and paste the blackrain.exe, inside the "Apple Application Support" folder.
    when your done, run the blackrain.exe.
    it should work. hope i helped you on your .dLL problems. thanks.

  2. guys i found out how to fix blackrain ok first go to my computer then go to local disk C then go to program files then go to common files then click APPLE then click Apple application Support then put blackrain in there then it should work it worked for me so good luck try it out

  3. ichatwithmatt..please help i follow all the points i click on that link u have and then i get to make it rain button and i click it and then it says 'blackrain has incontered problems and has to close' what am i doing wrong please help @iChatWithMatt

  4. @84265tube you have to move the blackra1n exe to: local disc/program files/common files/apple/aplication suport and run blackra1in from that directory… it should work

  5. Go to either of this directory 32 bit or 64 bit (Depends on your pc) And just put
    blackra1n in this folder and run it.

    32 Bit – C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleApple Application Support

    64 Bit – C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAppleApple Application Support

    Optional: (just in case you forget where to find blackra1n again)

    Once you copy the blackra1n executable to the above folder, create a shortcut for it on the desktop and double-click it to run it as usual.

  6. the error ist on the new version of iTunes
    dont upgrade iTunes to 9.2
    iTunes deletes the ASL.dll file with the newest version
    the dll file is still version 9.0.3 in iTunes so this is the version you need

  7. everytime i jailbreak my ipod and change its firmware to 3.1.2. apple alawys wants to restore it. i cant even get to my itunes. wat do i do?

  8. @84265tube and TheCronaldo999
    Move blackra1n.exe to
    C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleApple Application Support
    I did this with Windows XP and blackra1n.exe works fine. If you can't find ASL.dll then just search for it and put blackra1n.exe in its file.

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