How to play DOS games on iPad, iPhone, and iOS without jailbreaking

Learn how to play DOS games on your trusty iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or other iOS device.

25 thoughts on “How to play DOS games on iPad, iPhone, and iOS without jailbreaking

  1. is it still possible to access those files? because i downloaded iExplorer and it doesnt let me, it says the app doesnt have file sharing on or smth

  2. Is it possible to play Oregon trail on this? Is there any way to play the original Oregon trail on IOS like I can play on dosbox on Windows?

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  5. Hi David. It's November 2016 now. I have a couple of questions. (1) What is the difference between iDOS2 and Power DOS? (2) Can either app allow me to run DOS games other than what is available on the AppStore/iDOS Store/PowerDOS store? I mean I wonder if it will run my good old Digital Integration Tornado flight simulator. In the first place, how do I transfer my Tornado game files over to my iPad? Does Apple allow this kind of file transfer? Basically I have a ton of DOS games on my old external harddrive. How can I play those DOS games on iDOS2 and/or PowerDOS? Frankie Kam.

  6. Daniel while I appriciate what you have done here and I love it, you make it difficult to understand because you ramble on. Give easy and concise step by step instructions and you audience will love you for it. I had to watch this eight times before I was able to figure out how to add games. Thanks again for idos. I had no idea it was out.

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