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I’ve tested nearly a dozen different iPhone and iPad podcast setups, and in this video you’ll learn about the best solution I’ve found for great quality audio and lightest weight possible – so it’s easy to travel with and store! You can even record interviews with it, too.

The SC6-L from Rode is for a lightning connection into your device. If you have an iPhone or iPad with a headphone jack, you could…

34 thoughts on “How to Podcast with an iPhone or iPad (Best for Travel & Interviews) – Podcasting Gear

  1. What about recording a FaceTime audio call? Obviously I would use this for me, but would it record the audio from the call in general?

  2. Hey Pat, great stuff! I have two boom mics with me (Boya By-mm1) right now and if I connect it to the SC-6, would that be an upgrade in audio quality? Or is a lavmic still superior for this type of interviews?

  3. Hello. Great video. Thanks. Just have two questions: using this method does it record in two different tracks? And, which app do you use to edit the sound that you recorded using this method?

  4. Hi Pat, when using the ferrite recording app (I just purchased the pro version), what recording settings do you recommend? And what export settings do you recommend for sharing the file? Thanks so much in advance.

  5. Hey Pat!! I saw a comment from 6 months ago on this video where a viewer asked about being able to record 2 separate tracks at a time with this step up, you said that you would make a video on that but I haven’t seen one yet! Could you elaborate on this some more for me? I am starting a Podcast for my employer and this is the perfect set up! Thanks!

  6. I have a question to ferrite. I‘m use a audio interface (presonus audiobook itwo) witch have two mic ports. I record with one mic, but ferrite cant handle it. The sound is awful or my voice is not gonna record. I guess its because, ferrite automatically change the record settings to stereo and it shows that i only have the sound on the left side. Ill try to change the settings, but it doesn’t do anything…

  7. Very cool travel podcast setup. I have an 11” ipad pro with a usb-c port. Is there an audio interface that uses usb-c instead of lightning? Or will i need to use a dongle? Also, can you use wireless apple airpods to monitor the podcast? Or does it need to be wired? Thanks!

  8. Awesome! One question: Could I also film the interview whilst I am recording the audio on my iPhone in this Ferrite app? Then in the editing process I would you the Ferrite audio and the film video to get the best quality. Thanks so much!

  9. Yeah, the first 25 episodes of my podcast were recorded using a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and two iRig lav mics. Sound quality was great. However the mics are super sensitive, so had to choose the recording location carefully to ensure low ambient noise. 👌🏻

  10. Pat, your comments are turned OFF in your last video (just an FYI)…not sure if you knew that. The Acoustic Panels video (was going to leave a comment).

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