How to record a call on iPhone

If you’re looking to record an incoming phone call, your best bet is using Google Voice. Like all of Google’s products, Voice is completely free. The only caveat is that Google doesn’t allow you to record outgoing calls – only incoming ones. This makes it rather inconvenient if you’re hoping to record any conversations that you yourself need to initiate, so if you need to record an outgoing call, skip to the next section of this page.

To start recording incoming calls with Google…

42 thoughts on “How to record a call on iPhone

  1. If you need to really record a convo but you don't know when they'll ever call, call them and let it ring once and then hangup. They'll most likely call you back and you can hit record.

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  3. Don't understand what the big deal is , why this feature is not there ? As per NJ law you need inform the party that you are recording call, state to state law differs. If companies can record every call why not consumers?

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  5. Wrong, it's not about privacy laws it's about Apple bull crap. Outside of the U.S. bubble a lot of countries ALLOW the recording of any call you're involved. If the phone is sold outside of the U.S. then they should be aware of this and allow call recording. It's an important business feature that a lot of people can't be without. Apple not allowing this one feature is the single remaining reason I will never buy an Iphone and all the workarounds are horrible.

  6. Followed directions but there's no CALLS tag on my Menu Bar, is this only an option if you port your phone over to G? The Menu bar: Phones Voicemail Groups & Circles Billing Account…no Calls. 🙂

  7. When it comes to things like these, Android is just way better. You can easily record incoming or outgoing calls either manually from the notification shade or completely automatically with you doing nothing and it automatically saves them to your cloud services if you so desire. So much more robust.

  8. automatic call recorder on Androit is the best app to record incoming and outgoing calls , i wish to find a similar app on iphone , or at least the developers creates an IOS version

  9. Iphone is good but so many functions and options are not available in iphones like call recording,so my opinion is andriods better than iphones.Next time i will not buy iphone.

  10. There is no apps for recording phone-calls on iphone without paying shitloads of money if you live outside USA or UK. I will sell my iphone and switch to android os phone as I am tired of Apple their greediness and their habit of not thinking about the people that lives outside USA using iphones there. Lots of apps for the iphone only work if you live in USA but you don`t find that out before you have tried it.

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