How to release music for FREE on iPhone/iPad using AMUSE.IO

How to release music for free on iPhone/iPad using

Want to release your music to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play and more? And want to do it for free, using just your iPhone or iPad, and keep 100% of the royalties?

⏰ Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
01:01 Recap of the mix and master of the song
02:47 Downloading the AMUSE app
03:07 Trying the AMUSE app for the first time
03:33 Creating a new account in the AMUSE app
04:00 Setting up an artist name in AMUSE
05:19 Releasing a…

31 thoughts on “How to release music for FREE on iPhone/iPad using AMUSE.IO

  1. Hello. Can you help me find a solution for this problem. When ever i try to upload the audio file it says “Uploading File, please Wait” in a hundred years. I really waited in a hour. It’s 125 MB, so it should not be that big.

  2. Am i able to use it if I have samples? And also what if I don’t want to get payed for it? Am I still able to use these samples without getting sued?

  3. What’s a good alternative to audio share it’s cost money for me and I really want to use it but it’s just that it’s 6$ what’s a good alternative

  4. Great video, great app but I am trying to delete my amuse account since I have decided that I don't want to release anything, but I can't find the delete option anywhere…

  5. I’m trying to release my music on distrokid everything’s was going great and then it keeps saying my artwork isn’t a jpg file and that it isn’t big enough how can I rectify this I ran to your channel hoping to find a solution

  6. Hello. So I’m trying to realease my song on amuse. But it keeps saying I can only upload lossless audio files such as WAV or FLAC. And I’m just so confused. I don’t know what that means please help.

  7. I want to upload my album with instrumentals (all maked by me) and i need ISRC code how i can get this code ? The Amuse app didn't let me to upload because i don't have this code

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