How to Save Music File Attachments on an iPhone

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32 thoughts on “How to Save Music File Attachments on an iPhone

  1. Thanks for the succinct explanation. I think the thumbs down are from people who simply don't like the answer. I don't like it either. I've always had an iPhone but I hate iTunes. The fact that I can't download a recording from an email and save it into my iTunes on my own phone or iPad is bullshit. You know Apple could enable this…but they don't.

  2. I am watching this video wondering how difficult it must have been to keep that hand perfectly still holding the phone more than anything. 😂

  3. That doesn't actually solve my problem. Getting a file (of any kind) into Dropbox is not the issue. It never was. It is getting to play with my other music. Why should this be hard?

  4. What about trying to download an audio file that was sent via We Transfer. The moment you click download it just opens a web player in the Safari browser without giving you an option to save it anywhere…

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