How To Send Group Text On The iPhone


In this video, I show you how to send a group text message to multiple people at once on the iPhone. Sending group text messages is great for when you need to send the same information to a group of people (address, dinner reservations, etc).

To send a group text, open your messages app. Compose a new message by tapping the icon on the top right, and type in your first contact’s name. Then the next and the next after that…

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  1. I apologize if this has been asked, I really don't have time to read all the other 24 responses. I need to send the same text message to a bunch of people at the same time but not in a group. Years ago on my old flip phone, I could send the same message to a bunch of people at the same time but in two different ways. One, I could send the same message to the entire group but if anyone of those people respond to that 'group message,' everyone I sent the initial message to would also receive their response. This could present an irritation to some, it could be bothersome to others. It was discovered that there is a way to send the same message to a large number yet the receivers would not be connected within that initial message. Is there a way to do that on an iPhone 7? I hope that was asked in a clear way.

  2. Since getting an iphone 6 i realized i took a step backwards from my old samsung as the iphone can't do group messages. As this clip demonstrates. My samsung can make actual groups and when i send a group message i just selected the group type the message and send this crap iphone you can make groups but cannot send a message to that group, i still have to do exactly what this clip shows. WILL NEVER BUY AN IPHONE AGAIN!

  3. What about #s that aren't in your contacts? That's a pretty basic tip you could include here. This only covers contacts that are already entered, but not "loose" numbers / numbers you enter manually…

  4. How do you get rid of outgoing? I want to send a group message and be able to reply back and have a conversation? How can I do that? The group messaging option doesn't appear under message, even though I updated my iphone 4S to iOs 9.

  5. Not really a group text I mean I have 30 people I need to send text to all the time this takes to long should be able to create a co workers group send mess to group and that's it

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