How To Setup An iPhone Or iPad For Low Vision Or Blindness

Here ate some quick tips on setting up an iPhone or iPad for low vision or blindness.

How to set up an Android phone or tablet for low vision :

This is The Blind Life!
(formerly The Blind Spot)





30 thoughts on “How To Setup An iPhone Or iPad For Low Vision Or Blindness

  1. Thank you so much for making this video. I am in the process of setting up my dad's Apple devices as his macular degeneration is progressing. This is a terrific video!

  2. I am a voiceover user I am writing this comment right now with voiceover there’s also where you can disable the sound when you touch the screen just giving a little bit of advice if you want to are use the setting constantly all my sounds are currently disabled on this iPad I do you use accessibility shortcuts my most to preferred a voice control and voiceover they are excellent accessibility shortcuts use them every day hopefully people can see this comment

  3. I have trouble doing school work because we have a collection of writing and videos. Voice over doesn’t read the italics or highlighted information nor does it recognize when there is a graph for an assignment. It’s hard for me to scroll also because I was completely sighted when I started using Apple products but after an accident, my vision is doubled and very blurry. It is hard for me to read any text and zoom is just lost on me. So far I prefer voice over except for the bugs. Can I turn it on without Siri, because don’t you have to be able to turn Siri on? I don’t have a sited person to help

  4. Which platform do you suggest? I'm in the market for a new tablet. I've always had an iPad (mine is obsolete now) but I have an android phone (Samsung Note 8). So, which has the best adaptability/customization for us?

  5. Could you do a video on keyboard shortcuts for apple devices? I’ve noticed that there seems to be a good handful of them and some of the articles that I have come across aren’t entirely accurate or give enough information to go off of. In example, command and option keys were listed for a lot of them but does not specify what key works as those on a standard keyboard.

  6. Hi Sam. My friend is partially sighted and needs the type yellow on a black background. I’m also trying to find a suitable projector so he can view his vinyl record covers. Any thoughts?


  7. I love your shirt😍 also I started a new job where I need to use a cash register. It has a screen is there any way to make the print larger? I don't have any stated help from the BOVI can I do this on my own? please email me ASAPI'm very nervouse

  8. So nice of you to take your time to help others Sam!! I was looking to see if I could find something for my blind grandmother in Germany – she used to love doing crossword puzzles but now is 90 years old, blind and just sits at home all day – I would love to find something for her but I keep in mind that she's 90 and not a whiz with computers like most seniors (or myself) – I just hate hearing about her this way – any suggestions at all? iPad that could be easily taught, something something…this is my grams 🙁

  9. Hi
    I have some questions about mac and iphone.
    How do I change pages in smileys?
    How do I notice buttons with vo?
    Can you use maps along with voiceover?

    How do I know that the mac has started if I do not see the screen?
    How do I find the login box if I do not see the screen?
    Can you right click the keyboard on mac?

  10. Sam, I have to say, you've done it yet again. Thanks man for doing this. I've been considering getting an I device and now that I've seen the features it has i am for sure going to get one. Please keep doing this.

  11. Thank you Sam. Just changed some of the settings on my iPad Pro. One really nice side effect of using smart color inversion and increased contrast is it makes my digital sheet music easier to see without blurring staff lines.and notes without having to use a special program to increase the size of the music. I'll have to check out your android video to see if there is anything more I can do to help with my phone and Fire tablet.

  12. I am photosensitive so I keep my screen low. My wife’s phone hurts and washes out. I do change that brightness manually whenever the situation dictates.

    Full screen zoom is great.

    I don’t voiceover often but it do invert colors often.

    Android still seems to handle smart inversion better.

    I just learned about button shapes. Thanks.

    Triple click gives me a menu of the accessibility options I use.

  13. Thank you so much! I didn’t know my iPhone could do so much to help me. I told my friend who has hearing problems. My son’s going to annoy me playing with it now lol

  14. Hey Sam I'm a 21 year's old student with Sturgardts. Can u suggest to my how I can optimize my phone to read both hard and soft copy books? I find it really hard to study. I'm in my junior year studying psychology in Namibia Africa

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