How to Setup the iPhone 7 for Beginners

Hi, this video shows you how to do the initial setup of the iPhone 7 and transfer the data/apps etc. from an iPod Touch 6th Generation.
It shows a real time complete initial setup and before the video the phone had never been powered up.
Many thanks Vince

35 thoughts on “How to Setup the iPhone 7 for Beginners

  1. So I'm planning to buy an iPhone 7 ($170) it is going to be my first Apple phone. I don't play games i just use instagram a lot and Youtube. What are your guys recommendations, should i buy it or no? Thanks anyways ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Hey Vince, I have something to ask to your daughter- One day, are you going to make a YouTube channel like your dad, my favorite YouTuber, Vince? Plz send a reply to answer.

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