How To Shoot, Edit, AND Export iPhone Videos With ONE App – Adobe Premiere Rush

In this video I’m using my iPhone X and Adobe Premiere Rush to shoot, edit, and export a video to YouTube and showing you how to do it. This process works with any compatible phone including iPhone XS and iPhone XR. If you’re already familiar with editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, you’ll feel right at home here. Don’t underestimate the power of cheaper tools as a creator!

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37 thoughts on “How To Shoot, Edit, AND Export iPhone Videos With ONE App – Adobe Premiere Rush

  1. You didn't state how you brought in your audio track. How did you do that? I had a audio track saved on my phone and it didn't give me an option to go into my files tab and extract it. Where do you have to save your audio files in order to extract them?

  2. Thanks dude ! I have a gaming pc. That it’s a monster but that piece of Shannon it’s changing the frames. Shooted by my iPhone. So it’s like … I have premiere but I cant used it because it’s !!! Skipping. A lot of things ! I don’t know so I tried to edit with I movie. But it’s kind of basic and slow.

  3. Good vids! Also recommend VMaker if you guys edit on iPhone. It's a powerful but simple to use app for everyone who want to edit like a pro on the geo!

    This is probably a sponsored video bc tons of people CANNOT EXPORT after they’ve don’t HOURS of work. This has been a software issue for a YEAR and Adobe apparently isn’t talking to anyone or fixing any of it. Whatever you do don’t assume the problem is your free account and try fixing your problem by subscribing. You will be wasting your $10!! >.<

  5. Very helpful video! I’ve been helping my son switch over from iMovie for his gaming videos since we already pay for the Adobe CC. Personally I really appreciate your pace/tempo. Others I tried to watch were too slow. I’ve got an IT degree and am a programmer so have some base knowledge of Adobe products. I just want a quick yet complete run through and this video did just that. Thanks!

  6. Have you tried LumaFusion? I’m sure that Adobe Rush will catch up, but at this point LumaFusion is much more advanced. Just to mention a few features available in aLF but not in AR: Key Frame everything, Chroma Key, LUTs support. LumaFusion doesn’t have an integrated camera, but if you are using FilmicPro, your are good. One last point, LumaFusion is a one time $20 purchase, no subscriptions or in-app purchases. Thank you for posting this video.

  7. This is a cool app. I am glad app creators are making more powerful apps on our phones. This would work great if I was in a pinch and had to upload a video.

  8. 🔴 💫 🌏 ✌🏼 G'day mate, new subscriber here mate & a big thumbs up. I have an iPhone 7plus and recently purchased a Rode Videomic ME-L and waiting for a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 to arrive in the mail. I also have Filmic Pro app. I started publishing my very first ever videos about 4 months ago and really enjoy creating content for my channel. 56yo loving every minute of YouTube. I am learning how to use Adobe AI, PS & FCPX. I am new to ceating videos and doing my research to connect with people like your good self. I look forward to sharing videos with you. Cheers Spike (OutBack country) Western Australia 👉🏼 🇦🇺 👈🏼 👍🏼 😎

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