How to Shoot Smooth CINEMATIC VIDEO on your iPhone!

My camera gear kit:

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Wonderful humans! I’ll be heading out to Hong Kong soon and I wanted to shoot some video while I’m there although I’m really not a fan of carrying a ton of gear with me when I travel. So I thought I’d show you how to don’t need the newest, most expensive DSLR cameras to shoot cinematic footage. You have a…

49 thoughts on “How to Shoot Smooth CINEMATIC VIDEO on your iPhone!

  1. lovely video.. May I ask which video editor do you use? and also if you have any particular suggest on freware ones..? Like best free videoeditor? Thnak sin any case…

  2. Hey love the video, definitely worth a like 👊 I just uploaded a video about how to become a freelance videographer with an iPhone, would love any comments or feedback! 😊 same goes for anyone that comes across this comment ❤️

  3. So I have an iPhone 8 plus, I use the film mic pro app and I have watched a lot of videos on how you can film on there, but how do you upload these videos to youtube from your iphone without losing the quality?

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