How to Unlock your iPhone SE for use with another Carrier Sim Card

This is a guide and tutorial on How to Unlock your iPhone SE Network so it will work with a Sim card from another carrier or service provider. If you are receiving the message “Sim card not valid” message it means your iPhone is not unlocked yet. We will show you how to unlock your iPhone SE in the apple database.

Update 2018: Service Working Great! Unlock your iPhone SE here:

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31 thoughts on “How to Unlock your iPhone SE for use with another Carrier Sim Card

  1. Thank you cellunlocker for your video. I bought a LG family mobile from T-Mobile at Walmart. I have an active account at TMobile. The LG phone is locked and TMobile will not unlock it. Please help.

  2. Once I go through this process to unlock my iPhone SE……can I still continue to use it with my current Carrier until I get the new SIM card in place for my new Carrier? I don't want to mess up my service during the transition from one carrier to the next. Please confirm I can continue using my phone once I go through the unlock process??

  3. hi, i live in Germany i bouht my iphone se on ebay US. the guy told me the phone was locked to att but currently unlocked. when i ecieved the phone it works with all my sim card. i bought a new iphone 6s last month and decided to give the SE away. after i restored the iphone SE to factory setting the sim lock appear again. i wrote the guy email thru paypal but he told me he cant help me since the phone was unlocked before he sent me. He told me he used third party to unlocked the phone before he sent me. now my question is how can i get this iphone SE completely sim free even after restored with itunes.

  4. Hey, Just bought an iphone from amazon UK and I want it unlocked, however I''m not sure what carrier it's locked to. I later noticed a note saying that the phone will lock to the carrier with the first sim card you enter. I am not in the UK right now and I'm not sure what to do now. I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks

  5. Hello I recently got an iPhone 6 from my friend but there was no SIM card so I put my old SIM card from my iPhone 5c but it keeps saying the SIM is not supported how can I fix it?
    My carrier is Verizon

  6. Unlocking all iPhone models including the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. We can often unlock the models that are deemed ineligible for unlocking. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  7. lets say that I purchase a certified refurbished iPhone and I follow all of these steps to unlocking the phone but then I take the SIM card out of the phone and use it in the original phone that it was in from the beginning and use the sim on that phone and then even later take it out of the original phone and put it back into the iPhone that I unlocked will it still work basically my question is that if I unlock an iPhone can I use the same sim in two phones can someone please respond and help me I need to know asap

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