How To Use SUBARU STARLINK With Your iPhone Or Android

With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, plus standard Bluetooth and USB options, SUBARU STARLINK Multimedia makes connecting to your favorite content on almost any device easy.

Which Subaru Models Have Standard Apple CarPlay™?
– 2017/2018 Subaru Impreza
– 2018 Subaru Crosstrek
– 2018 Subaru Legacy
– 2018 Subaru Outback
– 2018 Subaru BRZ Limited

Which Subaru Models Have Standard Android™ Auto?…

19 thoughts on “How To Use SUBARU STARLINK With Your iPhone Or Android

  1. I hated the radio in my 2013 STi. Now I have a 2016 STi limited and even after updating the firmware Mirrorlink doesn't work. Just getting audio to from waze is a pain as the head unit is poorly programmed to start playing music if you touch the volume buttons so there is no way to control the waze volume. You have to use waze via bluetooth call which causes the screen to change and your music to pause for a lengthy amount of time. You also cannot plug your phone into the car usb ports and use waze as the car messes up the GPS on the phone and the waze app becomes erratic to say the least. Phone also says it's connected but head unit never allows access to the mirrorlink app. Seems to me that Subaru could patch the firmware to allow carplay and android auto. Very disappointed yet again with Subaru's lack of support and poorly designed head units. Wife is due to trade here 2015 WRX soon, probably not going to buy a Subaru this time as I am getting tired of having to replace every car stereo in every Subaru I buy. Shame on you Subaru!

  2. Recently purchased a 2019 Subaru and, after I had it for a couple of weeks, I found out that whenever someone in the car plugs an Apple phone to the USB outlet it overrides the Android phone I use as the driver. This happens regardless if I am using Google Maps, Waze, or even during a call. Also, I found out that the remote start feature is part of a charged service. The monthly cost of the service is almost as high as the payments on the car.

  3. Y'all should be ashamed making any videos about Starlink. This thing has been dead on arrival and you still falsely advertise it as a "feature". It literally has never worked for anyone, ever, because it's utter garbage and does NOT work.

  4. Starlink is an utter dumpster fire of bugs and vulnerabilities. I have a 2017 Crosstrek, and it has had nothing but problems since day one. In my case, the first problem was that the phone would only connect 1 out of 10 times to the Bluetooth, Once it started connecting, I am now only getting track information on Bluetooth once in awhile, no real pattern to when it will show, and not show, also does not matter if its one USB or not. I have contacted Subaru about the problems as well, and in the case they say we have noted your problem, but do not give an ETA on when we will have a fix. My theory is that the fix will be released when these cars go out of warranty, and they can charge us for the patches. This is new car, with a head unit that should never have passed Quality Assurance with the shear number of bugs and problems it had.

  5. Great review! I have a question on the ability to turn-off the radio as was possible in the 2015 Subaru Legacy and turn on whenever I wanted to. In my 2018 Legacy it seems I can't shut it off and whenever the car starts it automatically turns on the radio and then switches to the USP plug -in automatically. Is this a new feature of the infortainement system or are you actually able to turn radio off and turn on when you want to ?

  6. My audio car player in Subaru Forester 2016 must be changed. No navigation, no space to put the phone somewhere as a navigation, no Android Auto, no DAB+. Starlink in my model is for nothing. But there is bluetooth audio and a hands-free system – I like it. I'm just waiting for the end of the warranty to insert something sensible instead of the original player.

  7. Subaru's Bluetooth is a bag of dicks. Our 2018 Forester is only marginally less shit than our 2013 Impreza. Stop trying to be like everyone else and concentrate on making something that just works.

  8. Starlink is simply garbage. The app crashes a lot and it lags and loads slowly when it wants to work. Everything about this commercial screams lies. Even the 2018 Forrester using a Galaxy S9 Plus lags…especially Magellan. The GPS displays fine at first then just stops. Sorry Subaru but this is crap with no site for a fix.

  9. I need my iphone or android device's GPS displayed on the my 2017 Legacys screen. I hate the labor intensive task of entering an address on my Subaru's GPS. I want to speak the destination address into my phone and have my Subaru monitor display the directions. I won't waste my time using the built in Subaru GPS.

  10. It’s such a disappointment that Apple CarPlay is only available on certain models and not across the 2018 lineup. My WRX does not have this while the Impreza does, makes no sense. The car is great but the head unit is worse than an aftermarket unit from 2008.

  11. There's no more features on the aus model no mirrorlink no Pandora everything else is shit. You woukd think for the price you pay you get what they say but not even android or Apple play it's bullshit coukd alao leg your customers know aus does t have Pandora anymore upgrade software is very much needed

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