How to use the iPhone Migration Tool in iOS 12.4 and higher

The iPhone Migration tool that debuted in iOS 12.4 allows you to transfer iPhone data directly from one device to another via a wireless or wired direct connection.

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50 thoughts on “How to use the iPhone Migration Tool in iOS 12.4 and higher

  1. Does this do everything that an iTunes back up does? I always do it via iTunes so I get messages and stuff aswell, does this include messages, photos, whatsapp conversations etc?

  2. I have apps that I don’t update because the updates are now sadly subscriptions, will this keep the same versions or state of the apps? Thanks!

  3. Connect Adapter to your current iPhone.
    Plug the Lightning to USB Cable into your new iPhone, then connect the other end to the adapter.
    Try again please!

  4. I have a question, did you have to log into your email accounts again? As I don’t have access to one of them anymore. Also how long would 80GB of data take roughly?

  5. "invoke quick start" only the actual most important part of this whole video totally not covered. How do you invoke quick start?

  6. I see so this Migration Tool only works with :
    Old iPhone with data migrate to new phone after restore

    Not with :
    Old iPhone with data migrate to new phone that currently been used and have data inside.

  7. I am not getting the 'Transfer data window' screen. It only activates phones and not transferring data. Please help me someone. I do not make backup on I cloud.

  8. I just got a question: I got an iPhone 11 pro and im trying to transfers all of my data from my X but the thing is that my Iphone X is on a beta version and when I do the steps for transferring data it won't let me do it so I just want to know if there is a way of of downgrade from the beta to the normal 13.1 iOS without losing my data from my iPhone X?

  9. Do you folks know how bank applications work with the migration tool? Usually once installed they require activation so I wonder what happens after migration from one iphone to another do they work out of the box or require re-activation?

  10. I can’t give you enough thumbs up! GREAT VIDEO!!
    Straight, knowledgeable, to the point, along with a soothing and clear voice.
    THANK YOU!!!!

  11. My Concern is (and what I want to ask):

    Say my old iPhone is an iPhone SE and 'm switching to iPhone 11 Pro Max
    Due to the screen different size and also the Generation Gap – I don't want the old app layout to override the iPhone 11 Pro Max default.

    So, does the iPhone Migration tool only restores the Media, Messages while not ruining or affecting the App distribution which may come with newer default apps as well? Will this be like how iCloud Backup enables where it doesn't has to follow the 4×4 grid?

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