How to use USB drives with an iPad/iPhone

USB flash drives, USB card readers and USB hard drives can now be used with your iPad or iPhone using a Lightning to USB 3 adapter in iOS 13 and iPadOS.

Check out the gear I mention in this video:
Lightning to USB 3 adapter –
Anker Powered USB Hub –

In this video, I let you know everything YOU need to know about external USB drive support in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.1.

Covered in the video:
– Which models of iPad and iPhone support iOS 13 and…

48 thoughts on “How to use USB drives with an iPad/iPhone

  1. Ok I get what you are saying in the video but I still have a issues and not sure how to get it to work. If you can help. Ok I a iPad mini 2. Operating system 12.4.7. And I have a leap frog system. That in order to use this device. I have to go leap frog online and downloaded ad the books ok. Thereโ€™s no USB port on the iPad. Is there something I can get so I can connect my iPad through USB

  2. Hi Pete! I have an iPad Pro 12,9 second gen and have the exact same adapter as you. I am at the latest iPad OS software and have plenty of storage. I cleared the memory (with a memory app), I cleared all notifications and safari history. I restarted the iPad and followed your instructions step by step. When I connect the lighting power to the adapter, the charge goes intermittent as if you plug and unplug the power. Also that notification goes on and off just as the charge. On my iPhone X, it doesnโ€™t even register that itโ€™s plugged in to charge, so I used the wireless charger and nothing happens. The thumb drive does not appear in the folder. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  3. Do they expand storage?, say perhaps I have 32 gb and want 64 can I do this and will I be able to download as many games as I want until I fill up all of the hard drive?

  4. I have an ipad 6th generation and I tried to use an lightning powered USB hub which works for about 2 minutes then get an message say a accessory not supported on this ipad I have got ios 13.3 what am I doing wrong

  5. Great video..thanks!
    One question – running iOS 13.3.1 but have never seen a desktop like yours on my iPad mini.
    Looks like the Finder on my MacPro!
    How do you get that view?
    Thanks! โ€ฆJohn

  6. Appreciate this is the.older iPad but just wanted to point out the latest iPad Proโ€™s, with USB-C, will work fine without an external charger with USB sticks and Hard drives.

  7. My flash drive gives pop up after inserting… I run it using i-usbstorer.. But when I run on my file they don't show my USB flash drive.. Help
    Device iPad 6th generation

  8. Yo Pete, thanks man….itโ€™s because of you that I got a powered usb hub.
    I finally need upload stuff to my iPad and my connecter/adapter doesnโ€™t have power but
    Iโ€™m covered…you saved me a lot of time. I love your channel

  9. Constantly stuck on โ€œpreparing to import from iphoneโ€ then nothing , just stays at that message. ios 13 ipads cant read/import from iphones with ios 12 which is really lame of apple but not surprising as that company pulls every trick they can to get people to buy new devices even when iphones running ios 12 as there max level firmware update still work fine . Pathetically greedy and deceiving corporation.

  10. I watched YouTube videos on how to burn cd's without using a computer just with a external cd burner. I tried it doing the same but it didn't work, the apps they showed didn't even work. When I hit the burn button it kept saying incert a blank disk. So can a iPad burn cd's without using apps when you connect it to a external cd burner ???

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