I Can Answer Your FaceTime Call ON MY IPHONE !!!! ( FaceTime Bug )

The bug allows​ you to answer someone else’s FaceTime call on your phone

33 thoughts on “I Can Answer Your FaceTime Call ON MY IPHONE !!!! ( FaceTime Bug )

  1. Man I wish it worked cause someone just stoled my husbands iPhone and my iCloud is locked so I can’t use my Find my iPhone this would of been my solution 😭🤯🤬

  2. I knew about this since the beginning of the month & I’m mad that someone spilled the Tea because I was definitely on to something😭😭😭 My man wanna ignore my call to talk to his friends? let’s see what’s to talk about 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️

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  4. Why did you show new people how to do it I see what you were trying to say but you didn’t have to show us how to do it because some people don’t know how so you just showed them how to do it

  5. Yall dum af..all yall hear is trump this n that..but yall be clueless to politics around other areas…Iphone has already sold ur info to people in china..there ways that people in China can hack your phone to do whatever there cause be…Dummies I Never Bite The Apple…

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