Impressions on iPhone 5S from a Android Users Perspective

Initial impressions about iPhone 5S after using it for 5 days from a android user, I have been an android phone user for the past 4 years and recently got the iPhone 5S, I share with your some thing that I like about iPhone 5S and iOS 7 and something that I feel are better with android smartphones.

iPhones 5S unboxing / first boot and initial setup

33 thoughts on “Impressions on iPhone 5S from a Android Users Perspective

  1. Still using the iPhone 5s for more than 3 years and I have to Say not being a power user, it’s still a great device. For casual work like messaging, whatsapp, facebook it’s still good.

  2. Hello sir.. plzzzz make a review of iphone SE. nd share with us that if we can use it for recording of voice. Or not. i m singer.. plz help .. i wnt to buy it.. nd size of phone me doesnt mtr…

  3. sir im planning to buy my first smartphone and my budget is around 30k . please tell me which phone should i buy my options are iphone 5s 32 gb or galaxy note 4 or one plus 2 and galaxy a7 2016.

  4. I am confused which is good in games, iPod touch 6th gen or iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy j7 just getting anyone of these after I come to know which one of the above is good. pls help me faster

  5. I am a android user and I am using Galaxy Note 4 and want to buy iphone 5s to experience the IOS….I have a question about the 5s that whats the loudness of the earpiece of it? Please tell me about that…

  6. iphone size is perfet.. it is very difficult to handle phones larger than 4.5 "
    there are so may options for every feature in market but for small size phone there is only one iphone
    companies should think about this

  7. +Geekyranjit With a massive price cut, now available around 24,000 in local market, do you think it is worth a buy? M confused between Samsung Galaxy A8 (Rs.26,000) and iPhone 5S. Please help.

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