Improve Your Sex Life With an iPhone App

Haroonbannu, a member of our LockerGnome community, asked, “Is there an app for improving your sex life? With gazillions of apps out there, chances are there are a couple of them designed to flare it up a bit. Has anybody ever come across one?”

Now granted, this question is geared towards improving what already exists. Apps such as…

50 thoughts on “Improve Your Sex Life With an iPhone App

  1. 100% correct. There's no "secret" to a good sex life, just be open, honest and (hopefully) care for the person you are intimate with. Also, make sure to listen to what your partner wants and not just make requests. A giving lover is a good lover ^_^

  2. The person who asked this question probably can't get it up anymore and he is wondering if there is an app that could spice up his sex life with his wife, not an app to help him get laid.

  3. @lockergnome hey chris xD did you try to benchmark all the apps on the reseach to score which app is better to have a sex life? xDDD…lol The guy who asked the question should be thinking that you're a kind of "3Xxx marks" instead of 3D marks…

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