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In today’s video, we’re discussing the release of the iOS 11.4 / iOS 11.4.1 JAILBREAK (Unc0ver and Electra), which have been updated to work with Brandon Azad’s exploit. People running iOS 11.4.1 / 11.4 on A9 devices and newer, can finally Jailbreak with Cydia using either of the tools. In this video, we’re also discussing the iOS 12 Jailbreak I am…


  1. If you had Carrbridge in a previous JIbreak, use Electra instead of unc0ver. If you don’t use Electra, CarBridge will just freeze. I had this confirmed with the Cartlidge developer..

  2. I have the Electra Jailbreak for IOS 11.4.1 iPhone SE and I can't install Semirestore11/Rollectra, it has a dependency on firmware <11.4.1, but I am in 11.4.1, is it a problem on my end or is it only compatible with a beta of 11.4 and lower or something like that and if so will there be an update to it to add the compatibility for 11.4 – 11.4.1?

  3. Hello, I wanna UPDATE from jailbroken 11.2.6 to 11.4.1 with Prometheus. Is there something what i need to know or is this possible with standard procedure (Prometheus (64-bit device) – generator method) Thanks for help.

  4. I'm on jailbroken 9.3.3 iPad air 2. It seems outdated os. Would you to recommend to update to iOS 12.1.1-12.1.2 while being signed? thank you for your response

  5. Hey F.C.E., really appreciate your Osiris jailbreak being released for iOS 12 users! I will stay far away from it, as you state it is a non-user jailbreak. Pretty cool, though!

  6. You should make an update video on how to install it tho and how you can install without a PC using Ignition or TweakBox

    PD: Thanks for the great news btw bud, keep it up and goodluck with your JailBreak (8

  7. You suck! i updated from 11.4.1 to ios 12 because of your damn old video. You said that we have to update to ios 12 fast since they wont release for 11.4, Dude you literally such a liar person with fake news

  8. Is it me or just me😂feelin a little bit annoyed by the ios 12's animations.
    Actually,i had my 7+ updated a few days ago from ios 10.3.3 directly to ios 12.1.2
    which many ppl on social medias have been so much talking about how it's performance are so fantastic and so great.
    But idk🧐i'm such a big fan of iph 7 with ios 10 bcoz of ios 10's animations are sooo amazingly fast and that's why i've been staying it low at ios 10 for almost 2 years😂May be i'm just not that much adapting it fast.
    May be it'll take me a few more days to fit in😂
    Heard that last year's ios 11's were so much worser than 12's.
    But hey,those painful animations when u're closing apps are sooo much smoother and convenient with iphXs' gestures.
    And i'm like why not apple gives older iphs those gesture things for goodness sake😂
    The thing is i cannot do my downgrade
    coz i didn't save any SHSH blobs of 10.3.3 which i kinda regert🥺.
    So what can i do?🤷‍♂️
    I'll have to wait till jailbreak comes out and
    i'll speed up those animations.

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