iOS 11 Screen Recorder – A Beginner's Guide: How to Record Your iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPad Screen

Apple’s latest software brings iOS 11 to iPhones, iPad and iPods and with it a feature we have all been waiting. Direct, native, free screen recording functionality.

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Whether you want to record your latest game of Clash Royal, Brawl Stars or Last Day on Earth, or you want to record reaction videos or tutorials of your own, this built in screen recorder makes it super…

47 thoughts on “iOS 11 Screen Recorder – A Beginner's Guide: How to Record Your iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPad Screen

  1. Hi I have followed your instructions but the screen record button is not working – it stays unlit you unlike the other apps I have on quick access – help?

  2. When I turn on the audio option when I screen record, when I watch over the video all I can hear is tapping from me tapping my iPad, and that makes my voice hard to hear. Does anyone know how to fix this? If so please send a reply ty
    And the screen recording audio goes silent when I edit on iMovie, it only lets me hear the in game sounds help please

  3. I stopped the recording but the time is still going in the top left corner. It’s not red anymore but the time still goes. Then when I restart the video again it doesn’t start a new one, it continues the old one. Any tips?

  4. I actually hate this screen recorder. You know why? Because whenever I finish recording a long, (a video that is about 20 minutes) it doesn’t save to my camera roll when i stop recording. I hope Apple fixes that problem.

  5. When i hit record without turning on microphone audio first i never get the audio from the device… so i think you’ve got it wrong there? I usually only get audio from device and mic when i press microphone audio on.

  6. Actually the most helpful video I’ve ever seen. Not once have I looked something up I knew didn’t even exist and had someone flawlessly explain every detail.

  7. How do I screen record with audio without the external sound. I try turning off the microphone audio but it just doesn’t record any audio at all.

  8. hi when im gonna edit the video from the screen recorder on imovie i cant hear my speaking but i can hear the audi from the game. But when i watch the videon on pictuers i can hear my own voice and game audio. and i have the mike on. Please help

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