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In today’s video, I am going to show you how to Unjailbreak (remove) the #Unc0ver #Jailbreak on #iOS 12.0 all the way up to iOS 12.1.2 and start fresh. This is very useful if you have major Cydia errors that cannot seem to be fixed with anything, you have way too many tweaks and want to start fresh, or you are using applications…

31 thoughts on “iOS 12.1.2 / 12.0 HOW TO REMOVE (UNJAILBREAK) Unc0ver JAILBREAK AND START FRESH

  1. They do harm because if you install some games that have jailbreak detective, your phone still be considered as a jail broken device and you won’t be able to play that games.

  2. I’m new to jail breaking and uhh on my jail broken phone I erased all data while the jailbreak was active and now it’s stuck on the screen with the apple logo and the loading bar under it. How fix

  3. An app that I downloaded as an .ipa through Filza might have possibly ruined my whole phone because I can't neither install or uninstall apps. The X beside the app pops up, I press it and press uninstall. After that nothing happens.

  4. The problem is not about remove jailbreak icons or Cydia only. Need to fully remove jailbreak from iPhone. Means after remove jailbreak don’t want to see any app detect jail broken device.
    I do jailbreak my iPhoneX today. And it’s not stable. And useful tweeks are not updated yet for ios12.1 and no any updated tweek for Anti Jailbreak detection. Thimstar repo have tweek (NoJB detect) but it’s only works until iOS 11.3.1. Not updated for ios12.1 so that’s why all apps still detect jailbreak.

  5. Hello my iphone 6s with ios 12.1.2 won't rejailbreak with twearks on in the unc0ver settings but if i turn it off and press the jailbreak butten it is jailbroken but none of my twearks are working

    what to do ?

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