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In today’s video, we’re discussing some of the very important steps you have to take before installing Unc0ver when it comes out. Since some people used the RootlessJB Jailbreak and various versions of Filza No-Jailbreak, it’s very important to ensure the filesystem is clean before attempting to even run #Unc0ver. Also, if you…

22 thoughts on “iOS 12.1.2 / 12 Unc0ver JAILBREAK: IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO BEFORE IT COMES OUT!

  1. )): I got a boot loop I believe? Shows a glitching screen when it hits springboard I believe then try’s to attempt up again. Do I need to restore or any advice would be appreciated x

  2. Hi, really appreciate your intention. I installed Neptune (iPhone X home and switcher gestures), should I do something or I'm going to be ok? Thanks!!!

  3. If I used "Shift" plus "Update" in iTunes to downgrade from 12.1.4 to 12.1.1 beta 3 on iphone 6 without performing any rootless jailbreaks is that sufficient? Should I do "Shift" plus Restore and completely wipe the device instead? Please advise.

  4. Hello there! New here, also new to Jailbreaking!
    I got a iPhone XS MAX today, and it came with iOs version 12.1 (16B92 ), do i leave this software like this or do i have to update? :O
    Also, will you upload a detailed how-to install video once it releases? :O

  5. I have only used the CarrierChanger and Badges apps (.ipa’s). I noticed that at least CarrierChanger changed and added some of the filesystem, and obviously Badges changed the Badge color. Am I safe or do I need to remove anything?

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