iOS 13.0 – iOS 13.3 Jailbreak! How to Jailbreak & Install Unc0ver (Altstore Full Tutorial)

Unc0ver Jailbreak Released! How to Jailbreak iOS 13.0/13.1/13.2/13.3 on iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR (A12 & A13 Devices). Jailbreak Download and Install Cydia
-Not Compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s

In this Tutorial I’ve shown you the method to install uncover application on your iPhone using Altstore.

iOS 13 – iOS 13.3 Jailbreak A13 & A12 with unc0ver and Cydia! It’s finally here, the first iOS 13 jailbreak for the latest iPhone & iPad Devices! You can now…

43 thoughts on “iOS 13.0 – iOS 13.3 Jailbreak! How to Jailbreak & Install Unc0ver (Altstore Full Tutorial)

  1. everything works fine but when i click download ipa on my ipad nothing appears and im getting redirected to the ipa file and i can opon it in filza or something pls help

  2. How would I remove FIlza? because it doesn't show up as copy to altstore once that is installed and I lost my jailbreak from a respring issue. Having trouble getting it back because all the apps are revoked

  3. I am re-jailbreaking and when installing the unc0ver ipa it doesn’t pop up with “copy to alt store” can’t seem to find the fix. Looks like no one knows how to fix it

  4. How to share unc0ver to AltStore because every time I try to share unc0ver it’s not listed I tried multiple times and same thing every time I installed unc0ver one time with no problems I restore my iPhone because I had a problem with unc0ver won’t do the jailbreak anymore any ideas

  5. Dude stick with a bloody accent, either Indian or American, half of the time I don't know what the heck you're saying. But I finally managed to get it working though based on the visuals.

  6. I follow every step and when I open Unc0ver it say enable Airplane mode and so I did. Then when I launch Unc0ver again and Jailbreak, it just go through some line really quick and crash.

    I'm on iPhone Xs Max with iOS 13.3. What can I do to fixed this?

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