iOS 13.1.1 / 13.0 / 12.4.1 JAILBREAK Can Be Made With CheckM8 BootROM Exploit (EXPLAINED)

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In today’s video, we’re discussing about the jailbreak possibilities offered by the #CheckM8 BootRom exploit released yesterday by developer @axi0mX on Twitter. The exploit supports iPhone 4S all the way up to iPhone X and iPhone 8, on all iOS versions supported by these devices and it cannot be patched. With it, a jailbreak on any iOS version including the newly released iOS 13.0, iOS…

24 thoughts on “iOS 13.1.1 / 13.0 / 12.4.1 JAILBREAK Can Be Made With CheckM8 BootROM Exploit (EXPLAINED)

  1. Checkm8 may be untethered if you create a boot chain component under the lbb or dfu that is recongnized as a usb in the iBoot or with securerom runs the exploit if you want to use securerom use it but if is not possible (probably) use iBoot go to the iOS 9 leak usb folder peak around to see if you see what is usb then either find a exploit (hard) or use securerom (easy but not probable) I hope this comment could help you

  2. Damn. My dream has ALWAYS to get android running on a modern-day iPhone. I may just have my chance. Now I just have to find out how the hell i can accomplish this or wait for someone to do this.

  3. Hey

    Can you help me please unsub is not working I download everything you mentioned in other video, restore rootfs and erase all content & setting but it still not working. A12 ios 12.4


  4. I'm looking forward to this jailbreak but I still have a few questions. First of all, if I jailbreak at all, would my warranty still show up if I go to settings, general and about? Would that also happen if I downgrade to iOS 9 in the future?

    Also, can I remove the jailbreak should I feel like I need it repaired or I just don't want it anymore?


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