iOS 13.1 Jailbreak UPDATE: iPhone 11, A13 & iOS 13 Expectations!

Jailbreak iOS 13.1 Update! What to expect from an iOS 13 Jailbreak: iPhone 11 Pro Max, A13 & more. New iOS 13.1 Updates HERE: 📲 👈

❤️ Always Up-to-Date iOS 13 Jailbreak Status HERE:

Just a week after iOS 13’s release, Apple dropped iOS 13.1 today. How does iOS 13.1 affect jailbreaking? We’ll discuss that and exciting new iOS 13 jailbreak developments in today’s video.


36 thoughts on “iOS 13.1 Jailbreak UPDATE: iPhone 11, A13 & iOS 13 Expectations!

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  2. Hello tell me what to do.
    I installed Electra on on my old phone on the iPhone 7 and now it does not turn on the Apple lights on and off.

  3. I usually try to stay on a low firmware but my Apple Watch series 5 wasn’t working right and 13.1 fixed it. If I was a hacker I wouldn’t bother with a 13.0 jailbreak and jump to 13.1. Lots of bugs in 13.0

  4. Ugh I’m on an IPad Pro 2017 on 12.4.1 and I want to upgrade to iPadOS 13 so bad but at the same time I want to wait and see if a jailbreak will come. Good vid as always ICU keep it up B.

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