iOS 15 – Supported Devices, Features & Release Date!

Which iPhones will get iOS 15? | iOS 15 Release Date, Features & Device Support (iPhone 6S & iPhone SE on iOS 15?)

With iOS 15 a few months away, we take a crack at predicting what devices will be supported, some wishlist/potential new features, and of course the iOS 15 release date.

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48 thoughts on “iOS 15 – Supported Devices, Features & Release Date!

  1. I want them to update the Lock Screen and reorganize where the time is and make them smaller is you can see the whole wallpaper and not have any of it blocked out

  2. so funny how apple uses want the things that are already years on sumsung..ha ๐Ÿ˜‚ … I will never buy am apple product .. say amen ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  3. I would like to see the integration of alarms. As it stands we have separate alarms for the Apple Watch, HomePods and iPhone. I would like to see all alarms integrated into the Clock app which can be manipulated to go off on the respective device (e.g. HomePod). Setting an alarm on the HomePod seems quite finicky as I have to open the Home App, open the respective HomePod (I have a few) and set the alarm there. Surely it would be better to have all alarms in one place?

  4. Please remove widget labels and give me the ability to place icons and widgets anywhere on the screen without auto arranging, and let me set different notification sounds for apps and contacts.

  5. Now what about iOS 16 and iPhone 7. It makes sense that iPhone 7 would get iOS 16 because all iOS 13 devices got iOS 14 and all iOS 11 devices got iOS 12, so it makes sense that iPhone 7 would still be supported but then again, the rule is that devices will stop getting supported 5 years after they were released (with exception of the iPhone 2G, 3G, etc.)

  6. I rlly want to put different wallpapers in each page and also put wallvideo idk ;-;

    Maybe just make a whole new mode for customizing your iphone, u can go to the settings and there will be CUSTOMIZATION button on general and u will have more control over the wallpaper, page, apps, etc

  7. What i want is a completely redesigned app library. Ios 14โ€™s app library is kinda ugly. The new widget panel is also ok

  8. I hope they make the iPad ui more Mac like such as the dock changing and maybe better mouse sensitivity and mouse cursor and that the iPad gets the applications which are on Mac on iPad, or the ui like Mac in apps in mac

  9. Yo Apple did a hella good job with iOS 14 on the 6S. I got my back 6S 16GB back in January 2015 and i was planning to upgrade to a iPhone 12 mini this year but my dad upgraded from an 11 pro max to a 12 pro max. So i went from a 6S to an 11 pro max which is a crazy change. LONG LIVE THE 6S. Home button, headphone jack, 3D TOUCH

  10. Eliminate notifications on Lock Screen and Notification Center at the same time and put on always on display! That will eliminate battery drain with a minor notification.

  11. I hope the iPhone 8 Plus can support up to iOS 16 but it would be better if it can go up to iOS 17. Two years from now (unsupported or not), Iโ€™m upgrading to an iPhone 12 (not pro not mini) anyway.

  12. I hope my iPad Pro gets a couple more IOS updates as Iโ€™m not buying yet another iPad as i ant afford to keep spending money on a new one every year as my iPod is on contract and i cant cancel it as i still have just over 2 years to go

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