iPhone 11 – First 13 Things To Do!

iPhone 11 – First 13 Things To Do! | iPhone 11 Tips & Tricks

Did you just get an iPhone 11? Wondering what to do after unboxing it and going through the initial setup process? Well, this video is for you! Here are 13 settings to change and tips to consider with your new iPhone 11!

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43 thoughts on “iPhone 11 – First 13 Things To Do!

  1. I’m upgrading from iPhone 6s to iPhone 11 !!! I’m soo happy! It’s about time I’ve had my 6s for 5 years battery is completely fried now I have to charge multiple times a day and let’s not mention the memory! I can’t wait for my new phone lol

  2. Is it possible to change they keyboard to have it was on the old iPhones? I don’t like how the emoji button is not inline with the other characters and has its own section at the bottom

  3. What the point of switch off all awesome features? Better buy a £10 phone and enjoy full battery life. What a waste of time.

  4. My girlfriend has that Presidio clear case by Speck. The sides of it don't stay clear. I think that's because of oils on your skin but I have yet to find a clear phone case where the edges don't yellow after a little while. The back of it is still clear. Maybe that's what they mean but it sounds like they're lying lol

  5. I wish Apple Arcade wasn't a thing. Now they have exclusive games and I'm like. I'm willing to pay a one-time fee for a game I like and really want. Like give me the option to just buy games that are on Arcade ;.; I just don't want to pay every month, like to me on a console it makes sense but on phones, there's a lot of mobile games I wouldn't be interested in playing and I'm more picky. IDK is that just me? I just feel like nowadays it's harder to just BUY a game. You have microtransactions and games that are "free" but not really and having to pay for certain items IN a game. I wish they would have an alt option to just pay for the game and even paying for a one-time, reasonable amount for a DLC package, I don't mind. It's like…….. I will give you my money. PLZ. Just give me options.

  6. just curious where you live, since you said you make payments with Apple Pay in most stores. I can do it in Starbucks, but I live in Georgia and unless they're just hiding it from us, most stores I go to don't have a way to accept Apple Pay or other kinds of payments using a phone. But I bet if I went on a trip to NYC or something it would be everywhere 😛

  7. watching this video on my new iphone 11 just purchased yesterday ,was using iphone 8 before a big upgrade for me , used it more than two years ,iphones are really awesome ❤️❤️❤️

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