iPhone 11 Pro Max: You Need to Disable THIS Hidden Setting for Best HDR

We analysed the OLED display on an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, and give some settings tips on how to get the maximum HDR impact.

Our purchased review sample is the 256Gb version in Midnight Green, but our findings should apply to all iPhone 11 Pro Max regardless of storage and colour.

HDR10 test patterns from Diversified Video Solutions:

Spears & Munsil demo footage:

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34 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Max: You Need to Disable THIS Hidden Setting for Best HDR

  1. I’m battling to get the best combination of intense and hue under color filters to get the best images on my 11 pro max. The default setting is abit bland for me could you kindly advice as to the best professional settings.

  2. My 11 Pro Max display has a yellow tint. Whites look yellowish even with truetone and nightshift off. and it's clear yellowish if in comparison with 8 plus and note 8 displays. Apple says that it's a normal expected behavior. Some displays are warmer than the others. is it true ?

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  4. People always give incorrect eye catching titles to thier Utube videos so people click on them.Where is the hidden feature,This is old,out dated information that everyone already knows!
    I always give a thumbs down and i think most people do aswell to time wasters!

  5. On YouTube I found even the Note 9 has a cleaner picture at 1080p. Apple has the most music apps so back to 11 Max Pro. This is my Opinion after one year with Note 9

  6. Hi I'm thinking of getting a iPhone 11 Pro Max 256 mostly to record 4k 60 fps videos, do you know how long I can record for at 4K? i'm hoping 3 hour long video? or do i need the 512gb for a 3 hour 4k 60 fps recording?

  7. Are you sure that your HDR peak brightness results are accurate? Your results look like the phone was still in its “SDR” mode…

    If you were able to get any HDR10 videos transferred and playable within iOS, I would love to know how and what apps you used.

    As for the test patterns I can see you utilized the native iOS photos app. Was “View Full HDR” enabled within Settings -> Photos ?

    Anyway, thank you for the review I greatly appreciate your work.

  8. You should check out the new 6k Apple pro xdr display, would love to see your review on one. Apparently they are out performing much MUCH more expensive reference monitors etc. I’m quite tempted to grab one 😁

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