iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR – Worth the Upgrade?

iPhone XR vs iPhone 11 – Should You Upgrade? I still haven’t switched from my XR but here are 5 reasons I think are worth the switch!
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22 thoughts on “iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR – Worth the Upgrade?

  1. Watching this video is making me kick myself for not upgrading to the 11 before my last concert bc the quality of my videos and photos would have been so much better. Damn lol

  2. I’ve been having the iPhone xr for two years & I’m not gonna upgrade yet, my phone’s working perfectly & it’s not worth it upgrading to the new phones now

  3. Not enough for me to upgrade; hoping in august we see USB-C finally brought to iphones. The rumors of a more squared off/boxy design like the iphone SE really get me excited though. I’m at the point now where i care far more about software updates than hardware upgrades, so I’m way more okay holding onto my phone for 2-4 years. The iPhone 11s will probably be a phone i keep for at least 3-4, assuming it has usb-C, because everything else i want on a phone is there (although a 4-6x optical zoom would certainly be a very welcome addition.)

  4. Im currently using XR and my only problem with XR is the single lens. I mostly take sceneries photo so iphone 11 ultra wide lens will come in handy, but there are a lot of negative reviews about the battery life and overheating issue on the iPhone 11. Anybody here upgraded from XR to 11? Care to shed some light?

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