iPhone 12 is Ripe for Market Domination

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27 thoughts on “iPhone 12 is Ripe for Market Domination

  1. Agree…I had iPhone 8 plus and went with Samsung s10…now I can't wait to get back my iPhone..so I will get the 12.
    Samsung s10 is good just for me the daily apps I used the most aren't that good…yet things that are extra in most other phone does great. Bottom line Samsung should focus on what apps people use the most and perfect those. Instead that add options that are cool but in reality you use once a week🙈

  2. Nice spin 😂😂🤣! compare the leser iPhone with the best Samsung!how much will the pro max will cost?and I think that Android have phones from 100 dollars to whatever you want 1000,2000 whatever floats your boat! show apple will do something like what others do from the start?! Hahahaha! Yea innovation at it's finest!come get some, fanboys🤣😂🤣!nice pitch, innovative!I guess you'll get one of each for free and show us how amazingly the same they are!ok I'll be waiting!

  3. Oh btw, outside the US, the iPhone 11 is basically the same price as the S20… so yeah, price is not really a problem on Samsung phones when you look at it like that.

  4. I Was Android User Switched for XR Man i can tell you quality is at its fines and everything runs smooth no lag Love it !

  5. My girls screen is slightly better with color assuming the chip makes that difference but I promise both red wallpapers on dark mode are not the same on Xr and 11

  6. To be honest I'm not switching but this is a welcomed change for Apple since a lot of people dislike Apple because they just see it as the same product with slightly different design so good job Apple good job 👍

  7. Just left the iPhone X. It's been the same ugly ass design with a notch for 3 interactions now. Same OS lacking creature comfort features.

  8. I prefer Android, but I still love the iPhone lineup. iPhones are good in their own way, while Android phones are good in their own way as well.

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