iPhone 12: New Design & Features Revealed!

Apple is set to release the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max in the not-to-distant future. Here is a collection of all the most recent rumors detailing the features we are likely to see as well as what the design will most likely look like.

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27 thoughts on “iPhone 12: New Design & Features Revealed!

  1. This is nothing new. It's basically just the iphone 5s design re-visited. Apple has been such a disappointment. They just shift shit around year to year and people get giddy over useless crap or stuff Android has had for years. They don't really innovate anymore (at least not when it comes to their phones).

  2. I know because of the state of the economy now and going forward Apple needs to give us something truly special to keep up with previous year sales but all these changes…inc the fingerprint sensor 120hz displays, 64mp camera and everything else mentioned in the video it’s just starting to seem like too many changes for a one year cycle…but I guess time will tell and one can only hope personally I wanted to upgrade this year but I don’t want to overhype myself

  3. See the problem I have with having two designs are if people who can’t afford the pro models want that squared off look but can’t afford the pro version. Would people really be able to pay an extra $250-$300 just to get the squared off look. I say that because regular people don’t usually maximize the full power of smartphones. And also the telephoto camera isn’t too noticeable when comparing the digital zoom. The lidar sensor is dope but most people wouldn’t know what to do with it initially and might not think of it as a deciding factor

  4. Been using Samsung phones since the S6, they say if it ain't broke dont fix it but I'd really like to try ios for a while, if they could implement otg connection to the iPhone, I'll definitely make the change

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