iPhone 13: The most exciting rumors

Apple’s next phone is almost here. Reports are saying we could be looking a smaller notch, a high refresh rate display, new camera improvements and more. Find out more here!

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33 thoughts on “iPhone 13: The most exciting rumors

  1. i’ve been using the iphone 12 since launch after using android for maybe 4ish years. i couldn’t stay away from android and got a oneplus 9r to use as a second phone, under 500 USD and i’ve honestly been enjoying it more than the iphone 12. if the 13 pro does have a 120hz display, a good camera improvement and stays a good one-handed size, i might just trade in my 12 for the 13 pro

  2. As someone who is visually impaired when Apple can improve their accessibility functions versus Samsung I will switch

    Three fingers double tapping and less functionality on the iPhone

    Samsung is one finger triple tap and a lot more responsive

  3. I have used Android, for several years, for MORE storage. Prior to that, I was an Apple user 😳 Do you know the storage specifics yet for Apple 🍏 13 Pro Max? 🤔

  4. Apple has such great marketing people think Iphones are better than most androids when they lack features 200$ androids have lol. The only thing apple has going for it is supporting the phone for as long as they do.

  5. WOW always on display,Samsung has had that for years.
    WOW 12mp camera what year is this 1997 ?
    WOW still no headphone jack.
    WOW still a notch.
    WOW less screen resolution and smaller battery then the Samsung Galaxy s22.
    Samsung S22 has a Leica optics.
    Just imagine a 12 mp camera unheard of.
    Why not go back and just buy a older Samsung Galaxy Phone same money better features.

  6. •|~|•IPhone 13 looks like it will be a great phone, but I don’t think it will be something that will “breaking the internet it will probably be close to the 12 pro and pro max•|~|•

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