iPhone 5 iOS 9.1 vs iOS 9.2 (Final Release)

iOS 9.2 was finally released today (12-08-15).
Strangely enough it has the same build number
as iOS 9.2 Beta 4 did (13C75). Hopefully they
did not release Beta 4 as the final version as
there surely were some bugs to be fixed.

But let’s test it and see if it performs better
than iOS 9.1 as previous Betas has shown.

The release notes shows a heavy update / fixes
to Apple music.. Check full release notes below:

Music Good to go Gunnar Olsen

Apple Music improvements
You can now…

36 thoughts on “iPhone 5 iOS 9.1 vs iOS 9.2 (Final Release)

  1. you had tested here interface smoothing, and ur video is 60fps, its all good, thanks. But, why u didn't scrolls main apps menu for more times?????? What about smooth scrolling of main apps menu??

  2. I still have 9.1 because it feels nice and I didn't need 9.2. Now 9.3 came out with Night Shift, that is basically the only thing I care about this update. Should I upgrade?

  3. bro why u don't make a vid for ios 9.2 vs ios 9.2 with marc forrest tip !! it's really work try make vid ios 9.2 vs ios 9.2 with Speed up tip

  4. The fact that the keyboard is so laggy makes me want to stay on 8.4.1. You waited like 2 seconds before you could type a message, 8.4.1 doesn't have this issue.

  5. I don't get why apple makes there software so laggy. iOS was known for its animations and scrolling without lag. So how come even the 6s is laggy with animations and scrolling, are apple employees blind or are they simply ignoring it. Pretty sick of it.

  6. I still have 8.3 on my ip5. Im quite not sure to update on 9.2…
    Don't need the emojis and apple music and the few extras in notes..
    For me is a bug-free and fast OS important. Can anybody recommend 9.2 in compare with 8.3 ?

  7. Is it normal that people with 9.2 Beta 4 cant update to 9.2 Final ? I mean there are still alot pf bugs, i cant believe this is the final version…

  8. Did they fix the settings app bug?! There was a big when you tried opening it and the screen would be scrolled down lower and not all the way at the top

  9. no estas siendo sincero con la comparacion!!! se nota que pones un dedo y despues el otro por fracciones de 1/4 de segundo, se nota mas cuando comparas la app telefono despues de la app news. un fiasco total y en otros videos de usted tambien se nota, se trata de una campaña para actualizar si porque si, tramposo/////////

    you're not being honest with the comparison !!! it shows you put a finger and then the other by fractions of 1/4 second , it shows more when you compare the app phone after the news app . a total and other videos you also noticed, fiasco is a campaign to update if because if cheater

  10. @iAppleBytes I also feel that the performance on the iOS 9.2 is much better than iOS 9.1. The device looks a lot more smoother and I hope iOS 9.3 (if it comes) is much more better

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