iPhone 5s: How Fingerprint Scanners Work

Fingerprint scanners– they’re perhaps the most significant security feature to ever be put on a cell phone. How do they work and are they really as safe as they sound? Anthony has the answers.

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How Fingerprint Scanners Work

“Computerized fingerprint scanners have been a mainstay of spy thrillers for decades, but up until recently, they were pretty exotic technology in the real world.”

Your fingerprint at the scene of a…

36 thoughts on “iPhone 5s: How Fingerprint Scanners Work

  1. If twins can't have same fingerprints then why does Apple say that face ID is more secure… Apple you are making us fool huh?? Just kidding😛😂 I know the efforts and technology of face ID…

  2. Fingerprints are no that unique and there have been, in the past, criminal cases where they got the wrong person, who had very similar fingerprints to the perpetrator.

  3. I’m not lying when I say this, my mum was setting up her new iPhone and I was teaching her around. She set up her finger print. Then later on that day I turned on the phone with my finger on the scanner naturally. Then all of a sudden the iPhone unlocked. I showed my mum and it kept on unlocking. Then I tried my brothers finger and it didn’t work. My mum deleted the fingerprint but I said to keep it to show others. So weird..

  4. Many people (including myself) do not have readable fingerprints. At my work, I was one of three employees who had to sign in using number pads because our fingerprints did not register.

  5. Me, I prefer the pattern, i think it's the most secured lock, make sure u use many dots possible, all 9 in a very messy way, nobody will be able to guess it…a pin or a password can be guessed sometimes, fingerprints can be used while u r drunk or sleeping, honestly for me it's the less secured lock…with the pattern, ur phone is impenetrable.

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