iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Guide (How To) – ScandiTech

Tutorial / Walk-Through: Replace your iPhone 6 battery 15 minutes, a DIY video by Scandi Tech!
New, easier adhesive application process (@9.20):

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Warning: The…

27 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Guide (How To) – ScandiTech

  1. ATTENTION..ATTENTION….Read this before following the video… I followed your instructions, it worked ok except that you advised us to place the sticky strips the wrong way so I ended up with the sticky tabs on the end of the battery on the wrong side. When you showed us to bend the ends of the sticky tape, you bent them the wrong way. You should have bent them the opposite way so that the tabs can be glued to the battery otherwise the tabs will stick to the back of the screen. I simply did not remove the film on the ends of the sticky tape to avoid them sticking to the back of the screen. Thanks Bernie B.

  2. Thank you for this beautifully narrated, shot, and transcribed how-to video! You’re an excellent communicator! Do you have instructions for an iPhone7 (Small versión) battery removal?

  3. My battery has lost its mind, looked this up to see how easy it was to replace, and after watching your video, I’m definitely doing it myself. Super informative, and I’ll probably save a lot of money this way

  4. Hey everyone
    Anyone who is reading this please reply as fast as possible.
    Can anyone help me out?
    Around 2 years back i used to have an iPhone 6 one day all of a sudden it went down and after plugging it to the charger for a long time it woke up and the thing that i noticed was that its battery performance dropped several folds. That means it stared to remain switched on only whenever it was connected to charger otherwise it will drain all the battery and went switch off within next 10 minutes. Then i took it to the store they said that battery needs to be changed. So i said ok then they replaced the battery but the phone didn't work it remained in its old condition.
    Can anyone tech. person can tell what could the problem with that phone?
    And also what could be the remedy for this problem?

  5. Can i still do this if my screen is cracked? Like with a slightly diagonal hairline crack between where the volume buttons are, and from right to left close to the edge next to the volume buttons the hairline branches out more cracked and arcs to the top. It kind of looks like Spider-man shooting his web from right to left.

  6. I know this video is pretty old now, but i successfully replaced my phone battery! Great video, I didn’t remove screen to avoid the potential of losing anything. Battery works great and my iPhone 6 should hopefully last just one more year😂

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