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21 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Take Apart Repair Guide – RepairsUniverse

  1. Thanks for the video. There are several times where I cannot see what you are doing because your hands are in the ways and you do not move them. Like when you are installing the ear speaker and connections between the two halves. I figured it out. Thanks again.

  2. I don't think that phone is new. When removing the battery there should be 2 white stickers that would pull from away from the base of the battery. Instead here I see black stickers that are used in service. So don't use head gun. Instead pull away the two stickers from the base of the battery and replace the stickers with others. Using black stickers will cause to use force when removing battery.

  3. the Front Screen and the actual video display screen are broken how do i search those parts? all i find is front screen replacements….but i need the screen that actually displays the video

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