iPhone 6s Live Photos On ANY ANDROID Device!

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In this video we discuss how to install live photos from iphone 6s on any android. All a live photo is is a gif. We have had gif building apps on Android for quite some time. Grab GifMe from the link below.

Download Gif Me here:

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26 thoughts on “iPhone 6s Live Photos On ANY ANDROID Device!

  1. I don't care about the OS fight but why isn't this exactly the same? live photos – according to Apple – is a 1.5 second "burst photo". that's almost identical to gifme & some others. It seems like they both activate on touch, no?

    so I'm not joining the argument, I just don't understand what is different.

  2. That is not a live photo dude. A live photo activates by pressing the touch screen. You just captures a 3 second video. It's not doing what you are doing with your iPhone dude. Are you serious bro. Cheesy.

  3. 'All a live photo is is a gif.'

    Not really.

    Live photos are actually completely different internally than gifs. Live photos are at max twice the size of regular photos, whereas gifs (which were invented way back in 1987 btw) don't compress anything, and each frame is the size of a regular photo. This is why gif's have a much lower resolution in order to save space, but live photos can be shared in full resolution.

    I really don't mean to start a flame war here, I just wanted to inform everybody who thought that they were the same.

  4. Lol I use both android and iOS and this is nothing like live photos at all loser lol. Don't worry samsung will definitely follow apple again and put force touch, live photos, and the rose gold color on their next devices lol.

  5. It is definitely not a main selling feature for iOS, nor did Apple come up with it -_- Nokia made it first, called Living Images. Apple just copied again and made it their own, just like Samsung's picture-in-picture.

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