Iphone 7 Review from an Android user point of view (the things I liked and the things I did not)

After using the Iphone 7 for about 2 weeks now, I have come to like some of the features about it and have also come to realize that I need android to do the normal day to day work. So I want to share with you the things I liked and the things I did not like about the new Iphone 7.

Hope you enjoy my video review

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23 thoughts on “Iphone 7 Review from an Android user point of view (the things I liked and the things I did not)

  1. Hi. Should i buy iphone7 in end of year. M confused in oneplus 5t and i7.i know both r different but is it good to switch android to ios with i7. Plzzz suggest me best. I want good camera and performance

  2. if you are trying to add widgets or change defaults you should go back to android…
    these contradict the idea of an iphone, where you just open your phone, it works fast and easy and you only ever worry about settings in very specific situations (the camera thing is really weird i don't see why that is).
    in android nothing is optimized and every app, built in or downloaded feels closer to how google maps or that watch app felt for you on iphone, unpolished and really general.
    it's fine to prefer customization and options over quality and guidance, but don't go to a product that isn't meant to do something and and say it's downside is that it didn't do what it is not meant to do.

  3. 4:00. I use to want widgets on the home screen but I think apples pull down for widgets is much better. With apples version u can pull down on any screen and have access to your widgets. With android u have to remember what screen has the specific widget. Apples version is much better.

  4. I like your Video and statement – it meets my point of view. For example I like iPhone cams or Apples update strategy but the restrictions kill my desires for an iPhone.

  5. I really dont understand how Apple is still in business. Well at least its iPhone. It really is seriously at a disadvantage. Software wise its heavily restricted and just inferior in its capabilities… I think its a combination of people associating the iPhone as a symbol of prestigious status and mostly that many people still dont know or understand how vastly superior Android is to iOS…

  6. You said the disadvantages but what about the advantages, as in the app ecosystem, don't the apps work better, more consistently, more fluidly on iOS? Even the Google apps?

  7. I have yet to see a phone review comparing the iphone camera and android camera off of simple use, how easy it is to use, the blurness and focus, quick snaps, hard to explain but I'm looking for everyday use not some stop wait wait wait then snap. it's up picture puts phone away kinda thing

  8. My only problem with your review is you put all the apps that you used on your android phone instead of the ones apple gave you. For almost all the people who will buy an iPhone will use the apple apps not google. You need to use an iPhone with iTunes. PS who downloads movies the way you mentioned it most people watch movies by ether amazon prime or Netflix.

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