iPhone 7 Tips and Tricks: Best hidden features

Our iPhone 7 tips and tricks guide takes a look at some of the best hidden features in Apple’s latest handset, as well as iOS 10. Turn on the notifications light, discover shortcuts to quickly erase messages, sort out dodgy WiFi and plenty more besides.

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19 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Tips and Tricks: Best hidden features

  1. To the comment below. The iPhone 7 plus with the 200 something something is my first I phone. Go ahead and laugh, bet my phones better than yours! LOL. Keep going with the awesome videos Recombu. I just subscribed to your channel and I'm sure they're a lot of us out their. Thanks.

  2. I tried the fort one to shake the phone to erased messages but I can get it to work it their something I need to change in the settings thank you your so much help as a new iPhone user🙂

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