iPhone 8 Plus – Honest Review after 6 Months!

We’ve been using Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus since it first shipped more than six months ago. Check out everything we’ve come to love about the handset, and everything we would like to see improved, in this long-term review.

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28 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Plus – Honest Review after 6 Months!

  1. I have the 8 plus , i bought a shock proof case i can chuck the phone at brick walls , dropp it on concrete with force phones still perfect , it freaks some out as i demonstrate the phone being chucked at a wall phone just bounces off wall or concrete

  2. i love how every time thers a "but" he says "i buy" so basicly you buy a top of the line and expensive phone jsut to buy other thigns to make it good…

  3. So, I have red 64gb model. After 20 days of use I noticed there’s horizontal gray line on screen while turning on, appears for a few seconds and then disappears. Had other issues- jumping cursor, washed out colors, icons flickering, so I had repair. First time they performed dfu restore, line was still there while turning on. So after second repair they changed screen. The gray line is still there, never at the same position. Cursor still jumps occasionally and screen flickers from time to time. Anyone else with this problem? Thank you.

  4. I love my iPhone 8 Plus the iPhone 10 is not all that to to me my cousin got one and his battery life is trash . My battery life is insane the last android I had was note 4 I plug it in to charge the phone.
    And the battery blew up I’m glad my house didn’t burn down I’m go with IPhone .
    Great video .

  5. 3:45 you know those wireless earpods are overpriced, they are not worth it at all. Apple is just greedy into money and if you could precisely calculate the exact price, it should be around $30, not worth it at all

  6. I would rather go for the iPhone 8 Plus, because I do screen recording and make YouTube videos out of it. But the problem with the iPhone X is that the screen aspect ratio is 19.5:9 not 16:9. And since the 16:9 screen ratio is the most commonly used phone screen ratio, people who watches my videos would not be happy with their screen not fitting in if I use the iPhone X. I’m so glad that Apple made the iPhone 8 Plus for people who wants the home button and 16:9 screens, because the 8 plus is basically the same phone as the 8 plus but with the old iPhone design

  7. Really nice phone>>>ur2.pl/1270 Feels perfect in my hand. It's very fast. Takes excellent photos and video. Battery lasts very long time. Put a minimalist cover on it and a tempered glass screen protector – didn't change the feel of the phone. Love iOS. Another great Apple product!

  8. I HATE when apple fanboys do this. They put up so-called benchmark scores showing that their iPhones performed better than everyone elses phone. Don't misunderstand me. I have both an iPhone 8+ and a Samsung Note 8 and when I ran MY benchmarks, The Note 8 actually did better. They never show how many open apps there are on each device. If you can do a long winded video praising your phone, then do your benchmarking LIVE!!! I own both devices and each of them have their quirks but STOP misleading people by saying things like "The iPhone out preformed everyone elses phone, meanwhile, you just brush over the cracked back on your iPhone like it's no big deal.

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