iPhone 8 Unboxing and Setup: First Time User

STG Boom is a new tech review channel. We will do phone unboxings, setups, speed tests, phone comparisons, and more. We also test phones from China for quality, speed, and U.S. network compatibility. iPhone, LG, Samsung, Xiaomi, and more!

In our first video, we unbox the new iPhone 8! As lifelong Android users, this was our first experience with an iPhone. We unbox, review the physical aspect, and then go through the setup process for the phone—something we’ve never done before. Our…

29 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Unboxing and Setup: First Time User

  1. YOU KNOW that when it says AdJusT yOur gRiP they mean to move your thumb side ways so it easier so you dont have to physically break your wrist trying to get into your phone

    No hate lmao just saying

  2. Hey everybody. Ive been wanting to downgrade from 12ios to 11.3 becuase of jailbreak, i know all that stuff but what i wanna know is that when i downgrade it, the same setup will appear when it says "press the button to countinue" my home button isnt working on this Iphone 6+ what do i do please help???

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