iPhone 9 – CONFIRMED

With rumours and leaks reaching an all time high, here’s my roundup of the upcoming iPhone 9 official leaks about the build, design, price point, camera and more.

I think the biggest question is the price point. This could be the first time we see an iPhone go for $399

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44 thoughts on “iPhone 9 – CONFIRMED

  1. Currently snowboarding right now but wanted to give you the latest on the new upcoming iPhone 9. The TIk Tok video turned out to be a fake but we are for sure getting the iPhone 9. Do you guys think it’ll come in at $399?

  2. I'm still using my SE (my 5th or 6th one) and I just cracked the screen very slightly two days ago. I've been searching for SE 2 for the last 3 years. Why does Apple refuse to give their customers what they want!?! I refuse to even use a case because I don't want to make it even slightly bigger than it already is! The squared off shape makes it soooo much easier to hold without it slipping out of your hand. And I DO NOT want to lose the push button because it makes it easier to flip it around my hand without having to look. Also, I most certainly don't want me phone to know what I look like. I couldn't pay 999 but I would certainly pay $400 for an 8 or 9 in the body of an SE (iphone 5). Otherwise I'll just keep buying refurbished SEs as needed. I would consider switching to the new Palm phone but there are certain iPhone specific apps I need as a Realtor.

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