iPhone and Android Games That'll Actually Engage Your Brain

Stop wasting time on mobile games where you tap on your screen over and over like a mindless zombie. Here are a few of our favorites for iPhone and Android that’ll actually engage your brain and make you feel smart.

39 thoughts on “iPhone and Android Games That'll Actually Engage Your Brain

  1. "Controller : [Logic]"…any number of players take turns with the same basic rule set of shapes pieces to mix…then…the entire set the players create is shifted by 1 person over to challenge them with the other person's arrangement…its timed…whoever's in the top 50% gets a slightly tougher starting basis…the grind continues by 50% of cutting the players…until…1…remains…

  2. Thank you for suggesting I Love Hue! I already have Lumosity and Elevate. I installed ILH and I loveeee it! It’s kinda addictive and I love how there are no annoying ads after I finish the puzzle. 🙂

  3. Does Rotogenflux Methods (google it) help me improve my IQ in a short period of time? I see many people keep on speaking about this intelligence boost system.

  4. I think all these "brain training" games aren't as engaging as people think. They forget creative problem solving. Games like "The Witness" and "Portal 2" require a lot more critical thinking.

  5. I play games because I want to escape from thinking. Engaging my mind with your Top list of games has been researched to show no significant increase to engaging my brain, as sited by you in this video. Stop just making videos to grab viewership and make worthwhile content that will bring viewership based on content.

  6. No no no. I play "mindless games" because I don't want to to think. I think too much all day long when I am working. Candy crush isn't dumb enough for me…I prefer playing that while watching dumb reality TV. Pair that with a quality chocolate bar and I'm set. Thinking is a waste of time. Curious is this video a mindless advertisement? Cheers

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