iPhone Field Test Mode Guide

If you are confused over the different menu choices in Field Test Mode on your iPhone this video serves as a guide to help you match models, chipsets and which menu you will see when dialing *3001#12345#* for Field Test Mode. The signal strength indicator can be found on all iPhones with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile if you know what to look for in the menu. I also show Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor and No Signal ranges for both types of chipsets.

This used to be different with iOS…

14 thoughts on “iPhone Field Test Mode Guide

  1. It is quick with no extra fill. That is good. But when you say anything 'greater' than X is good, that is confusing to the newbies. I know because I teach newbies and they went crazy! Please point out that less than is better, again, for the iPhone, and why. Thank you

  2. I’ve tried this multiple times and I upgraded to iOS 11 (regrettably) shortly after it was released. Is there a way to make field test mode permanently on iOS 11?

  3. My iPhone 8plus has a A11 Bionic chip as do the iPhone 8 and X. I have a different Field Test page than the video so I am not able to get field test.

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