iPhone Hidden Features: 7 Useful iOS Tricks for 2020

In this video I show you 7 useful iPhone / iOS features or tips that you will probably find useful.

40 thoughts on “iPhone Hidden Features: 7 Useful iOS Tricks for 2020

  1. I show my girlfriend all your iphone videos simply because I rock a galaxy and I'm unfamiliar with IOS. Every video she watches shes able to take something and use it daily! Thanks for the help

  2. I'm new here and new to Apple, so I don't know what "first photos" are, but I know how to get there, right? Not really sure what live photos are, either. That's all.

  3. I had no idea reachability was a thing! I’ve had it on and kept doing it by accident and thought it was a glitch. I hated it! Haha. Glad to have it turned off now.

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