iPhone Settings you Should Turn OFF

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31 thoughts on “iPhone Settings you Should Turn OFF

  1. I think the titel "iphone settings I turned off" of the video is more appropriate. All 5 features are 'must have' on my iphone. Especially the 'reachability' as it is a very convenient function for one-hand-use.

  2. Privacy ☞ Analytics and improvements (all turn off), Location services ☞ System services: location-based apple ads (off), iPhone analytics (off), improve maps (off if use google maps), and some others can try
    Privacy ☞ Advertising : Limit ad tracking (Turn On)

  3. ay man i need some help wondering if u can help me out.I have the first gen earpods and for the past few weeks now every time im connected to the earpods in a game,on a call or whatever they keep disconnecting from my phone constantly and i have to keep going into my phone to redirect to the earpods when im on a call for example and this is with a full charge on the earpods do u know of any solutions on this? thanks in advance be safe and have a great day 👍🏽

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