iPhone X | Long Exposure Seascape using the iPhone camera

iPhone X | LONG EXPOSURE SEASCAPES using the iPhone camera

After getting a few comments on my previous videos asking for more iPhone landscape vlogs, I decided to go down to Burns Beach again and try out a few different camera apps.

I visited the sameโ€‹ location so I could compare the images. First, I wanted to try the Camera App that comes with the iPhone. Using the Live function, I capture the scene. I then used the long exposure feature in post to turn the short live video into a long…

31 thoughts on “iPhone X | Long Exposure Seascape using the iPhone camera

  1. Unfortunately we are limited to down to 1 sec, which is hilarious.. i just jumped from galaxy s7 to iphone xs max and i can honestly say that s7 had pretty neat photography features superior photo capabilities which i already miss.. the native camera app on the iphone fills so dry; boring.

  2. nice shot. does iphone x can shot astrophotography (milkyway, stars, or night sky)? just wanna know iphone x can shot with shutter speed more than 16s or not. thanks

  3. You can use the iPhone's earpods as a shutter release cable as well by clicking the volume button. That will help stabilise the image a bit more.

  4. what would be interesting is compare iphone x vs a 12mp dslr camera and look at what gets best image or what can in prosessing get the best image we all know that any 3 or 5 mp camera can get good image so what would you expect that a 12mp camera should get. but you do have the lens range limit. what is the range of the phone ?

  5. hi just wanted to ask about iphone x what is the number of picture can it take before battery is dead.
    people complain that the sony a6000 etc only takes 350 pictures for its battery but this coats under 500 pound.

    If you want to buy an iphone get it on contract for 2 yrs unlimited everything uk 56 pound a month,
    paying a 1000 pound then having to get a contract will cost much more in costs

  6. Andrew, thanks for the video as always you inspire. I have not commented on your videos for awhile because I have been watching them on the TV large screen. YouTube allows a thumbs up on TV but I haven't figured out how or if you can make comments. I wonder as more and more people watch YouTube on TV if comment count may drop or even become a thing of the past. Hope not. Anyway, you do a great job and always appreciate your efforts.

  7. Great video Andrew! I made one about this feature late last year when the phone came out. Iโ€™m almost done with my long exposure app shootout follow up video. There is definitely a difference in some of the apps.

  8. Phones has really come a long way. But for me the issue is that I can't really get excited enough to put in the effort when I'm only using a phone. For me the phone will always remain a snapshot tool. A compliment when I don't have my big camera. But a phone will never replace a "real" camera for me.

    Great video! ๐Ÿ‘

  9. Great video, I take it that was further north of the car park at Burn's Beach, I took some sunrise photos there but where you are looks better ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I have realised over the last few weeks how good the I phone 8+ Actually is, in most conditions itโ€™s great, just need to try some of the apps. Your pictures are fantastic but the location helps:-)

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