IPhone XR – Best Settings for Photos and Videos – Camera App Explained

In this tutorial, I will take you through the settings of the iPhone XR to show you how to get the best results when shooting still photos and videos!

Once we do that I’ll also walk through each of the features on the iOS camera App step by step which will be ideal for newcomers to the Apple Phone or those who have updated from an older model.

See the next chapter in the series and learn how to edit your photos and videos on iOS 13:

35 thoughts on “IPhone XR – Best Settings for Photos and Videos – Camera App Explained

  1. I am not getting great results from my 10Xr. The video itself simply doesn't look sharp when I bring it into IMovie to edit. Any thoughts

  2. Ok I have one question if anyone can answer my question I appreciate u taking your time to do so. My question is : I use screen record a lot and I wanna know if I switch from 1080p HD at 60 fps, over to 4K at 60 fps, does that affect the screen recording quality?? Srry if my question doesn’t make sense😅.

  3. I am still not getting blur framed picture taken in portrait mode on my iPhone Xr.There is no blur frame options in photo edit section.I changed and followed the camera setting given by you. Still not working 😔. Plz help

  4. Hi, thanks for the video. I have a question, I don´t know why the pictures taken have a resolution of less than one megapixel and sometimes they have more than two. Is ther a manner to select the resolution in megapixels for your photos??. Kind regards.

  5. I would like to understand how to save images from the Internet using my iPhone XR via Google/images. I keep getting lost with Google Lens and the screenshotting aspect of it. Thank you!

  6. Good information. However, I'm trying to find out why my iPhone 6 stopped taking hd photos. The wide lens. It has gone to square and leaves a huge black space on both sides. Like I took a pic vertically. Which no one uses. Hope you can help.

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