iPhone Xs Max Does Battery Life Suck?! Real Life Review

The iPhone Xs Max has a smaller battery than many of it’s Android
counterparts. Apple claims you should be able to get even better battery life than the iPhone X. In this video I test these claims and show my real day to day battery life results.

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29 thoughts on “iPhone Xs Max Does Battery Life Suck?! Real Life Review

  1. Is it normal for my max to go down 1 percent every 5 minutes when I’m on YouTube or Instagram or something? Should I be worried?

  2. Your not really a heavy user my iphone maybe only last 5 hours I have pandora playing all day at work and I use gps in the mornings and i also watch you tube on my breaks and lunch. Ive never seen past 7 hours except when i first bought my phone it was amazing but eventually it just sucks up battery and yea my phone is up to date on the OS. Also if your using airpords headphones its even worse.

  3. I don’t know how all of these comments are saying 3 or 4 hours SOT. My iPhone X got 11 hrs 22 minutes SOT one night. I took screen shots. I’m a heavy user to. On average I’m plugging in at night around 20%. Had this X since launch to. I’m still gonna upgrade to the Max but I just do t see how all these people are getting crap battery life. I do put my phone on battery saver mode and I turn the brightness down just below the notch.

  4. How? My phone is dying faster than a blacc person in a scary movie and I mainly just listen to music on it on Apple Music with the screen off, any tips or suggestions? All are welcome please

  5. I started using my xs max today for the first time at 4 pm. It’s about to be 1 am and I am on 22%. Wtf. The phone says I’m using it for 6,5 hours. I’m so happy with the battery life goddamn. My iPhone 7 would’ve last till 8 pm and that’s it. I literally didn’t need my charger today. Shook.

  6. I’ve had my iPhone Xs for 12 days and it’s already decreased to 98% from 100. Idk whether I should exchange before my 14 day return with my carrier or let it degrade within months and get the battery replaced… kinda don’t want to go down that path. It’s a new phone don’t want to take it apart anytime in the next year. I’m not sure if it’s how I’m using it and charging it etc or if I got a bad batch. Apple diagnostic said there’s nothing wrong with the phone.

  7. Battery life is trash! I have the iPhone XS Max 256GB T-MOBILE iOS 12.1 and I hardly get 4 hours screen on time. 5.5 hours was the max and I had the phone over a month now. Battery has been tested and it’s still at 100% life. Apple always uses small batteries compared to the competition 3200mAh compared to a note 9 with 4000mAh yet the same screen size. How this dude got 2 days out of his battery is beyond me. Obviously he hardly used it cause I can’t even get past a full day by mid day I gotta charge. And apple says my battery is testing fine with no wear at all on it still holding 100% capacity. Standby time is good tho but actual use time is trash!

  8. My XS Max has only reached 20% twice since I got it at the start of October. My 7 Plus reached 20% every day, early enough that I had to plug it in or it would die before the day was over. The battery health was fine on my 7 plus, I think capacity was about 90%. Now I plug my phone in for the night at 40% or greater most days.

    Full disclosure: I do use a black wallpaper. That’s just because I like it that way, but of course that does make a difference.

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