Jailbreak iOS 13 – 13.3 Exploit Released! Unc0ver for iPhone 11 – XS COMING! (NO iOS 13.3.1)

iOS 13.3 – iOS 13 Jailbreak Exploit Released! Unc0ver to be Updated for A12-A13 iPhone 11, XS, XR & More! NO Jailbreak iOS 13.3.1. Status checker HERE: 👈

Jailbreak iOS 13 Exploit OUT! Well, Brandon Azad did it, the jailbreak iOS 13 – 13.3 exploit is now available! Pwn will now begin work to update unc0ver to jailbreak iOS 13.3 on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max, XS, iPhone XR and more! While his priority will be including A12…

45 thoughts on “Jailbreak iOS 13 – 13.3 Exploit Released! Unc0ver for iPhone 11 – XS COMING! (NO iOS 13.3.1)

  1. So after I have checkra1n , then Cydia, updates to Cydia, respiring to Cydia updates…. then what?
    Do you have a video to show what to do after you have Cydia installed?
    Also if you actually turn off your phone , then back on , Checkra1n is gone , and Cydia does not open , it just closes out …So what’s next to do ? Got a video for next steps?….

  2. All of the Jailbreak video’s that are being released are SOOOOOO confusing man… I got iOS 12.4 unc0ver atm, but I wanna upgrade to the iOS 13 JB, is there a JB released for iOS 13.3 the iphone/s X or XS Max? Also, that’s NON COMPUTER BASED JB.? Since I have both? Someone, ANYONE…PLS LMK.?

  3. I wait for so long to get Jailbreak until now i don't update my Xr.., my current use is ios 12.3.1.., never get Jailbreak

  4. HOW can we install JailBreak utilities, considering Cydia Impactor is broken & all the online sites like iOS Ninja, TweakBox, etc., all have their Certificates Revoked?!?

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